About Us

Culture is the world defined through the eyes of the observer. It is unique; while being the glue that links groups of people together, like experiences and unique feelings. “Urban” from which culture got its namesake has been the lead influencer in the world as a whole. However, its influence is not always seen in the marketplace.

As common with any holiday season, creator Kenndra Lawrence found herself preparing for the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Kenndra, a self-described Christmas fanatic in past years, used her creativity to design her attire, which represented her and was always a hit. However, this year was different, and Kenndra sought out to find the perfect sweater that represented not only her but also her culture. To Kenndra’s surprise, she was unable to find anything that conjured the experiences and unique feelings she had during the holidays. After thinking to herself what to do next, Kenndra decided to take matters into her own hands and create not only a sweater but a brand.

Christmas 4 The Culture, established 2019 is a fun and hip brand specializing in Ugly Christmas Sweaters and other items, aiming to connect our consumer through creative expression, to the music, traditions, icons, and events we associate with the holidays. Our trendy, high-quality products fill a void in the urban marketplace and contribute to dope experiences that become part of your story. 

We invite you to check out our inventory and “Do it for the CULTURE” at your next Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.